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Lizzie Hannon smiles at the chance to be of service to anyone who calls, e-mails or walks through the door of the clinic. Call on the front desk members for prompt response to your concerns regarding lab work, scheduling and refill requests.

A gentle reminder, for the team to be on time and on target with pharmacy issues, be sure all refills begin with a call to the pharmacy of record to auto-fax the prescription to the clinic. Let the pharmacy know if there’s been a change in dose or concentration since your last refill and you will be amazed at how easy the process works for you AND “your team!”


To make an appointment, call 707-536-9722 or email

Please bring copies of your lab results for the past year to your first appointment.  If you need to request the release of portions of your prior medical records from other providers, please use our general release form.

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Please use this contact form for general inquiries.


2455 Bennett Valley Road, Suite B-205
Waterfall Towers
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Enter the driveway at the complex and go straight over the cobblestones to the lower parking level, park near the end of the pond on your left closest to the freeway, take the sidewalk at that far end of the pond to the Building B elevator, exit on level 2 and go to the right, you’ll see suite 205 directly ahead of you.