Information about the coronavirus pandemic and your care

Dear Patients and friends:

This is a challenging time for all of us as we cope with the coronavirus outbreak. Here are some actions of our office and a few pointers to help you stay well and limit your exposure through this period of time:

Hormone Talk is canceled for this Wednesday, March 18, the next talk scheduled for May 20

Office appointments – If you have ANY suspicious symptoms or have been around someone who is ill within the past 5 days, we ask that you DO NOT COME INTO THE OFFICE. (Some of us have immune-compromised family members we go home to each day). We will be cleaning surfaces in the office frequently and staying 3-6 feet away from you and each other as far as possible. No one allowed to work in the office will be sick.

Consultations by phone – I highly recommend that you consider making your consultation to be by phone as much as you can.  Though this isn’t always possible, it is a sure way to limit exposure.

Supplement orders can be processed from your email request, and we can have them charged out and ready in the lobby for your pick-up or we can mail them to you to limit your exposure. Be sure to permit us to charge your up-to-date card on file. 

Immune Boosting supplements are available in the office to help support your immune system.

You can email for a list of them that you are interested in purchasing from us.

 Recommendations for what you can do during this time of the coronavirus:

1. Do everything you can to improve your immunity – Vitamin D, zinc, medicinal mushrooms, other herbs, plenty of sleep, nutritious food, exercise, positive thinking, emotional & spiritual support;  

2. Have enough food on hand for at least two weeks or more, lots of whole colorful foods help the immune system;

3. Only go to crowded places if you absolutely need to;

4. Wash hands frequently, avoid touching your face/mouth, keep 3-6 feet away from others when in public.

I encourage you to keep centered and calm during this time of stress and unknowing. We can get through this by taking wise action to keep ourselves healthy.

With care and positive thoughts to support our Immune Function!