Jon Sterngold MD joins Jane Kennedy, NP

Jon Sterngold, MDby Jon Sterngold MD
(Men’s Hormonal and Preventative Care)

Here’s an introduction to who I am, where I’ve come from, and what I’m doing here.

The seeds of my adult and professional life began sprouting when as a child, I hungered to understand how things worked, from machinery to chemistry and electronics, and eventually on to biology and the workings of the mind. Picking up guitar as a teenager in the 60s, I began playing in bands which was and still is a wonderful balance to the challenges of life, learning, and working.

I found that the sciences came naturally to me and I pursued a premed course at the University of Michigan, where I majored in microbiology but balanced that track with a lot of psychology, philosophy, and playing in bands. In fact, my blues band had a regular gig down the street from the club where we saw Jimi Hendrix in 1967. It was a very exciting and formative time.

But it was also bitterly cold during the late fall of that year and I decided to apply to Stanford to get closer to the blue sky and green grass I saw in the movie, “The Graduate”. Having done some research in nuclear medicine in college, I was admitted to Stanford in their MD/PhD program. But once I landed in California and heard the music in the air, I decided that a life in a lab wasn’t what I wanted. I switched to a straight clinical medicine program and dove in.

By the third year in medical school, there was no more time for playing in bands, but as that year ended, I was introduced to Linus Pauling whose theories of critical nutrient supplementation (Vitamin C in particular at that time) to support health and ward off disease, intrigued and excited me. It was the beginning of my own education about such things and continues to this day, over 4 decades later.

Having developed diagnostic and repair skills of all things mechanical and electronic in my early life, I found that I was best suited to do emergency medicine for my career. But I was also swept up in the ‘human potential movement’ during the early 70s where I discovered my own deeper empathy with the struggles of others and a talent for helping them find their way. And so, my 25-year career as a board certified emergency medicine specialist was accompanied by a counseling practice that eventually became a Life Coaching practice.

I also spent 7 years working in a family practice in a rural area where we often had to be all things to all people in the absence of available specialist care. I wore many hats along the way, but also found that as I got older, my own medical challenges would push me in yet a different direction.

During my 50s, I found myself lacking the strength, vigor, endurance, and enthusiasm I’d previously known in my life. When I discovered that this was from a fading testosterone level, I did my homework, corrected the deficit with a bio-identical replacement, and got my life back. Now paying attention to this realm, I witnessed both men and women benefiting immensely from hormone adjustment and replacement. I saw women who felt like they were losing their lives and spirits at menopause, get it all back by fine tuning their hormone levels. Couples that no longer enjoyed an exciting and satisfying sexual life were reborn when they got their sex hormones and sometimes adrenal and thyroid levels corrected. As the science developed, more and more data came out showing that not only does hormone replacement make people feel better when done properly, it reduces the incidence of life destroying diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, and some cancers.

I base my approach to health and hormonal balance on a careful history of symptoms, wellness, and illness, and then broad based lab testing that reveals the underlying physiological processes and abnormalities.

My colleagues and I find that when we look carefully at all the interrelated systems, we often find issues not just with the sex hormones, but also with adrenal and thyroid gland function that respond well to appropriate treatment. This is true for both men and women.

With attentive follow up, I can also tell whether nudging one system causes new abnormalities in others. A rebuilt engine might strain a transmission that is on the brink to lose fourth gear – or first gear! But when it’s all in tune, life and health can be recaptured.

It’s important that people realize how common these problems are.

Our hormones fade as we age, just as do all other aspects of our bodies.

But when brought to healthy levels, we get a new lease on life. We cannot stop aging, but we can slow down, sometimes stop, and often reverse the negative consequences of a body left to wither.

When couples have their hormones tuned and in sync, they enjoy a far more harmonious foundation for their work and play together. Focusing on men’s health, I’m in an ideal spot to help the men connected to the women that Jane Kennedy, NP is treating to experience renewed energy and enthusiasm for their lives, partners, wellness goals, and future.

Accompanied by health promoting diet and exercise and often augmented with supplementation of other nutrients, I find that I am able to truly and deeply heal people. So beyond my prior career in emergency medicine where I simply snatched people from the jaws of immediately life threatening situations, now I can heal my patients and help them have a much finer quality of life.

Wishing you all the best health, balance, and good fortune you deserve,


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