A full supplement store is available to meet your continued needs for the products that our clinicians recommend.

Supplement Store Hours:

9 am – 5 pm on Monday – Thursday, and 9 am – 1pm on Friday

If you need supplements or supplement refills from our office, you can drop by to pick them up during office hours or you can send an email to to place an order and have them shipped to you. If you order by email, please be sure that you have your credit card information on file with our office and that you include your phone number and shipping address.  Orders received by noon on Monday will be shipped Tuesday, and orders received by noon on Thursday will be shipped Friday.

Any mailing will include a shipping and handling charge based on the actual cost of shipping plus a $5-8 packaging/handling fee.

Supplements may be returned to this office for credit only under special circumstances approved of by our office.