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Adrianne Bowes, RN

Adrianne Bowes, RNNursing Support — Adrianne Bowes, RN

During her professional career as a nurse over the past 25 years, Adrianne Bowes, RN has worked primarily in community health centers bringing care to women, men and children through all stages of life. Additionally, she has provided quality improvement seminars and wellness programs to medical staff and patients in Marin, Napa, Yolo and Sonoma Counties.

The focus of her professional career has been educating and supporting clients, patients and medical teams through their discovery and selection of healthy choices for exercise, nutrition and stress reduction. In addition to her license as a Registered Nurse, she has completed programs in Therapeutic Herbalism and Massage Therapy, and has been a Practitioner with The Center for Spiritual Living since 2005.

Adrianne’s personal wellness strategy includes yoga, qigong, daily walks in nature, meditation and prayer. She believes in living a well balanced life and is excited to bring this new level of wholeness to her professional life. Adrianne Bowes is also a botanical artist and delights in portraying colorful zinnias, a juicy ripe tomato, or the dance of swaying blooms of agapantha.

To make an appointment with Adrianne, contact the front desk at 707-536-9722