What Patients Are Saying About Jon


iStock_000015416865SmallExperiences of patients who have worked with Jon Sterngold, MD:

“Dr. Sterngold considers each patient as unique and carefully considers individual treatment regimens with a careful eye to upcoming trends and developments in this fast developing field. I strongly recommend Dr. Jon Sterngold as a very knowledgeable practitioner who is truthful and honest about the limits, hopes and confirmed results that are available from testosterone hormone replacement as practiced today.”

~E.J. DDS, FADI, male, age 72

“I am a family practitioner with an interest in optimizing wellness both for my patients and myself. I am 66 and have suffered from a fairly severe hypo testosterone condition since my mid-fifties. This resulted in both a loss of sexual function and loss of strength and energy that did not correlate with my otherwise fairly fit condition. I am at an age where my prostate is also a factor.


My physician of the time put me on testosterone shots. I then switched to trying gel and cream but without a program or monitoring, and worse, I was trying to do my own management. It dawned on me finally that I needed help and guidance.

I knew Dr. Sterngold had developed an expertise in assessing hormonal systems including male hormones. I asked him to help and after talking, he ordered a battery of tests. The results showed I was still badly out of balance and several changes were recommended.

My new program provides optimal testosterone levels while monitoring other important hormones for a man such a dihydrotestosterone and estradiol. I am excited to have put myself on the cutting edge for male wellness, with Jon’s help. I can truly say that I currently feel better than I have in years, and there is still fine-tuning left.”

~J.G. MD, male, age 66