Update on Clinic Practices during the Coronavirus and Shelter in Place

   Dear Patients and Friends:
Consultations: We are now only doing phone consults for the next 3 weeks, but want to keep those happening in a timely way for your follow up. You can call the office to schedule as your needs come up.   

Nurse B12 Clinic: The Nurse clinic for Vitamin B12, ZRT blood spot tests and injection trainings will also be closed until April 7th.  At that time we will reassess the situation and let you know changes.

Supplement orders: You can email us your supplement orders and we will mail them to you.  If you need to pick them up please arrange in advance to have them paid for as our pick up window will be from 9am-1pm Monday through Thursday.

Prescription Refills: We will be authorizing refills as usual as you are requesting them. When at all possible, we are allowing longer refills yet I ask that you keep your scheduled labs on time as much as possible. Do have the staff process the orders now so that you are ready to do them as soon as reasonably possible. This will prevent us from getting overloaded as a small office once this period of time is over.

I challenge you to find things that bring you joy while you are staying at home now.  Maybe old hobbies you haven’t had time for years. Maybe things you keep putting off doing due to being so busy.  Connect with your family in fun ways, maybe re-establishing deeper relationships.  And enjoy the downtime you have right now, just letting yourself be as you de-stress and support your immune function.  Take walks outside and enjoy the springtime. There is so much in our lives to be grateful for and this is a perfect time to slow down and realize that maybe in new ways.

Be well!
Jane Kennedy, CFNP