A Message to You
from Jane

Feeling out of balance? I assure you, I know what you’re going through!

I have experienced severe versions of challenging life changes. My life was out of balance and my physical health was out of control during my peri-menopausal years.  After much research, consultation with numerous practitioners, and experimentation with various therapies and lifestyle practices, I finally did regain my health and vitality.  Maintaining a sense of well- being is a high priority for me.  I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping others achieve optimal health far more efficiently, whatever your age.

Sometimes it is tempting to think that it is just your sex hormones that are changing and causing your symptoms of peri-menopause or andropause, but that is not the case.  Your adrenal glands, thyroid gland, glucose and insulin regulation, neurotransmitters, and intestinal processes are all inter connected, and any imbalances can diminish your quality of life.  The good news is that we can rebalance these systems so that you can regain vitality and zest for life.

Past remedies often did not work well, and some even resulted in increased risks of a number of diseases. Cutting edge science and education offer sound, up to date approaches to these issues.  The field of Functional Medicine offers this type of promising approach.  By identifying the fundamental imbalances in your body systems, rebalancing those systems with the most natural substances available that present the lowest risks, along with practicing good nutrition, stress management, exercise, and detox, we can create a comprehensive and effective approach to solving these life altering issues.  This is the combination of the science and the art of medicine. Read more about our Services.

I am ready to partner with you to achieve the results you have been looking for!

Sincerely yours,


Jane Kennedy
Nurse Practitioner